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New to Fiverr--need gig review and advice--too old?

Hello every one i am new to the fiverr and want to become a part of the fiverr community. I have created 2 gigs but no response at all. I have read other responses and most say use social media. Just how do I do that? I have a facebook page and 225 contacts on Linked in, but now what? I have not gotten a single order from any of them. what am I allowed to do? I don’t know how to interact with strangers that are called friends.

Am I too old for this venu?

All my orders have come from Ebay and Etsy.

Hello and welcome to the Fiverr community! No one is too old for this venue. You are very much welcome! I think you have a lovely and unique gig, it’s a matter of finding/waiting for buyers who are looking to purchase something of that context. There are a lot of other tips in the tips for sellers section in the forum that can help you optimize your gig. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response. It is the only one I received. I will check out the other tips, but I am not very hopeful.

There doesn’t seem to be any point to improving my gig if no one looks at it. I could have the best gig in the world and it would be for naught.

My goals are different than most–I just want to provide a service and make my cards for special people. I am not interested in making a living at this–just support my habit of working with paper. So you have any additional guidance for me?

Thank you.

Oh, when I meant regarding “optimizing” your gig (and that there a lot of tips on the forum regarding that), it means the keywords you use in your gig, the title you use and tags you include. If you optimize it, the chances of your gig being “seen” by buyers searching in the Fiverr platform are better. For example, when someone types “Japanese watermelons” (lol, sorry for such a random example), if you’ve optimized your gig to appear when someone searches for that, the better the chances of your gig being seen and potential buyers for the service/product you offer. Hope that clear things out a bit! :slight_smile: