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New to Fiverr... Need Guidance to Start


Hi There
I am new to this platform and many things are just going over my head
so need a kind guidance that how can i sell my services?
and is it necessary to get 1st order then i can look for job related to my gig
thank you


I recommend that you start here:


ok thank you dear :slight_smile:


Keep your hand firmly placed against the wall to your left, usurp other peoples idea freely, and watch out for the Minotaur.


Don’t call me, 'dear". I do not have an intimate relationship with you.


sorry sir for my inappropriate wording


That’s right.

Not that I was jealous.


Thank you for running in this platform
Please make a pure work with you mind you will earn a fantastic sell from fiverr


It’s OK, just admit it! :wink:


Fascinating. Are you encouraging me to make something suddenly appear by using my hidden mental powers? I suppose I could do that. Anything that will help me “mek sales” sounds exciting! :wink:


Hi Friend,
Welcome to fiverr forum :+1:


Hi Jonbaas,

i am facing some problem on fiverr. Actually my user id is not showing in seller list. no body can search me on fiverr even through my user id. that is azi_acca. i tried to contact fiverr many time but haven’t got any response. can you solve this issue? do you know how to fix it?


No, I cannot solve this issue for you. If you aren’t “being seen”, or you aren’t gaining the sales that you want from the Fiverr search engine, then perhaps now would be a good time for you to start marketing and promoting your gigs elsewhere – wherever your target customers are located. Get out there, reach out to those who need your services, and tell them about what you do.

It is not Fiverr’s job to make you successful. You are going to have to work to EARN your sales, just like the rest of us. If you want to be seen… get out there and make it happen. :slight_smile:


Never late in any order
Try to provide quality service
Follow fiver Terms of policy
And If you will fall in any issue contact with fiverr at first