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New To Fiverr Need Help With My New GIG

Hi There My name is Muhammad Yahya. I am new to fiverr and wanna know would my GIG rank or not? Experts kindly have a look and guide me please.


#1 You joined the forum and instead of reading anything, any subject or topic, searching anything you started a new topic.

See this part?
Logo in your portfolio is not yours:

All this for 5$?

  • Free Source File
  • Free Brand Guide
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Free PDF File
  • Free Mockup
  • Transparent Background
  • High Resolution
  • Web and Print Ready Designs

I will order right now if I get all of this for 5$.


I hope I don’t come across as rude, but I am so very thankful for not being a logo designer on Fiverr…

It is a category that is insanely competitive and over-saturated with under-cutting and under-qualified sellers, what with so many of them watching/reading horrible advice from “money gurus” who basically egg them on to become pre-made template/image peddlers.


May Be It’s not mine but I have designed it for a client at some other freelance market place, He wanted the same icon so i did that design and I am gonna remove this from my Gig right now

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And obviously you can order right now i will provide you all the elements that are mentioned above

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Only use images, videos, audio or other content fully owned by you. The media you use may also include samples of your work.

Note: Do not use copyrighted images, otherwise your Gig will be removed. Do not provide any personal contact information in any of your media content.

The above is from here:


Thank you for the instructions

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