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New to Fiverr, Need help

Hi am an new to Fiverr and need some help. I am trying to e-mail but cannot find their email address anywhere. I setup a gig and I do understand that there are: “Levels”. I get that. But what I am trying to sell requires me to add an extra to give the person a choice. I need to have a Level right now. Can I purchase a level up so that I can do this?

Next issue, My gig requires shipping. Shipping here in the USA is around $5.00 (depending on location around $7.00 to California). But then it ask for international shipping… BIG problem here! I will do international shipping, but the max it will let me charge is $8.00. It will cost a minimum of $12.00 for me to ship internationally. I don’t even know if I want to do international on a $5.00 item. How can I at least increase the international shipping? Does this require a level too?

If it is not possible to do these couple of things and if I cannot get a Level that allows me to do this then my gig is dead before I can even list it. I appreciate the help. Also I appreciate it if someone can tell me how to contact (phone or email). Thanks!