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New to fiverr. Need some advice

Hi, im new to fiverr and only been a member a few weeks. I posted my first gig a week ago and haven’t gotten any offers yet.

That’s why im posting. In the past few days, i’ve gotten a 3 really strange messages for “offers” about my gig. Each one, the person seems to be foreign and has included a PDF file in the message. I haven’t opened any of the files for fear of them containing a virus or something. Anyway, im posting a message sent by one of them here. I am wondering if these “offers” are legit, or a scam or if they target “new” members? The message is below, please let me know what you think…

d like to start small business with you. It’s not difficult to you if you living in USA. I need a person who is living in USA. so that you can help me and of course not for free. let me know if you are interested in doing small business together for long time.

Please check this documentation before you reply to me.


Looking forward hearing back from you. Kindly Regards. Thanks.

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There are many buyers who prey upon new sellers because they think they are gullible. You need to be wary of them.

:grimacing:This one sounds like a scam to me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Does to me too. Ignore them. Though you need to reply to all messages or your ratings will drop. I would just say something like .Thank you for contacting me. I am not interested. If they persist or make trouble contact Fiverr support.


Hello , you don’t need to reply them at all if you suspect them as dangerous , just report them or mark them as spam and it won’t affect your account.

Hi @leahan,

Yes you need to reply, even to spam messages. before reporting them, otherwise, your response rate will suffer. If you want, just respond something like “Reported”.

It’s also a good practice to block those users after reporting so to avoid them messaging you again.

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Just reply once for response rate, after that report or mark as spam.

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  • Do not share your personal information just do it everything in fiver no matter whatever the things is otherwise you will be put in problem
  • Do the best and provide your work quality and put your 100% everything in order
  • Make clients happy and if client is also putting on pressure or something wrong excuses do not ignore clam down but suffer the situation
  • Provide all the replay’s to all the client’s

All the best Good luck