New to fiverr need some ideas


i just found this site and am a single father living on a reserve.theres little or no workd around here haha.i decided to look up on how to make money online and found this site could be the best way.if theres any tips or ideas anyone can give me it would be greatly appreciated.thank you


Don’t force yourself to do something that you think will make the most money, you’ll never stick with it. Do what you love, something you’d do anyway without getting paid and turn that into something salable.

Do you have a craft or a hobby? Can you make a single item really, really well? Put that up. Make a list, write down everything you can possibly do/make for someone else, then narrow it down by how much you’d enjoy doing that thing repeatedly for people, feel confident of giving a good product and that won’t take a ton of time – that you’ll be able to deliver with confidence.

Good luck! :smiley:


One thing I see people haves success with is offering to submit articles or press releases to a paid service. People will gladly pay $5 to have you submit their press release or article to a paid service that you have a paid subscription to. I have used this before and would gladly pay $5 a few times a month rather than a monthly subscription fee to a service I might only use a few times. This will require an up front fee by you, but you should be able to pay for it quickly with gigs if you market yourself and deliver on time.