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New to Fiverr, newer to freelancing

Hello everyone!

My name’s Justin Patten (hard to guess that one :wink: ). I’ve been programming for around 4 years, lots of game prototypes in Unity, one that made it all the way to publishing on Steam/iOS/Android. I’ve also made a web application using Node. I love C# and Javascript (ES6 :heart_eyes: ) and love to work on anything using either one!

Currently, I’m trying to break into developing as a career, cutting my teeth with freelancing while applying for jobs. It’s tough but the tough remain positive.

Thanks for letting me introduce myself; maybe we can work together to build something great!



Welcome to Fiverr Forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:

Welcome to Fiverr Forum!
Best of luck with freelancing as well as hope you get a job soon

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Welcome to Fiverr Justin ! I hope you’ll find success here. There are so many great games using Unity, it’s quite a skill to have. One of my dreams is to write quests and lore for video games. Hey, we never know we might even work on the same project one day !

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Like my dad always said: Small world, big dreams.


Yes indeed. I wish you luck !

Hello Justin Patten it’s nice to see you here. Best of luck!