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New to Fiverr, No buyer request available?

Good day everyone, I am new to Fiverr and have been reading the awesome tips here on the forum. Buyer request appeared to be a very useful tool many people have mentioned, however whenever I click on Buyer’s request, there is nothing there. Wondering if requests are sent to different categories of seller separately and my specific market does not have any buyers’ requests or is this a bug?

Here is my profile if any kind soul would like to make some valuable suggestions :slight_smile:

Thanks fam


This link may help you…:slight_smile:

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Hi, rainieye! I hope you’re doing well. In answer to your question, I believe that buyer requests are indeed sent to sellers based on their category (gig classification). My gig is in the “proofread and edit” category. There simply aren’t many buyer requests that I’ve seen so far. I do see them every now and then, but they are few and far between. By the way, the cover photos you’ve made for your gigs look awesome! (-:

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Thanks Lindsaybab! That makes more sense now :slight_smile: Hopefully I will get a first order in other ways then. Thanks for liking my cover photos xD All the best!