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New to Fiverr, No Sales, Need Help on Improving my Gig

I have been a user of Fiverr for a while and I never made a sale. I am a web developer looking to build my own business. Every time I post a gig, nothing happens. I just don’t understand why no one is interested in my gig? The last time I check I only got 30 impressions with two clicks. It would be nice if someone can review my gig some I can make some necessary improvements that would lead to my first sale.


Here are some thoughts:

  • Your pricing is definitely competitive though I would suggest lowering your prices when starting out.
  • Have you tried to bid in the Buyer Requests section? Many newbies start their career through this very space.
  • Offer more than 1 service/gig to generate more views and potentially more sales.
  • Your gig image doesn’t entice people to click on your gig - You should create a better image.

Best of luck!


Already updated my gig. I’ve lowered my prices and added a new image. Can someone review to see if it’s good enough? Thanks!

Just a suggestion. Maybe you could try removing the sentence that comes after the one asking people to contact you which says “just to make sure I am the right person to build your site.” That could be taken that you may not be able to build their site and come across as very negative and off putting to a buyer.

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Just recently updated my gig. I’ve been receiving lots of views, clicks, and impressions. Still no sales! I just don’t understand what is it about my gig that is not attracting any buyers. Please someone take a look and let me know what can be done to attract customers. Thanks.

Well, it looks pretty strong to me. I had a similar roadblock when I first started, I was able to finally push past it by making tons of offers to the buyer requests (under the “selling” tab) which eventually got my name around enough to get the snowball started. I know it’s disheartening, but I only got about two orders my first few months and now I’m getting 5+ daily. You’ll get there, just gotta keep at it!

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Much more important than you’d think (and honestly more important than it should be). If you can, make a short intro video for your gig with some examples of your work. Heck, if you really want it to impress, I’d be happy to help you with a voiceover for it!

My image isn’t still good enough for people to click? I also have a video up with a demonstration of one of my sites.