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New to fiverr, not having a good experience

Just curious to hear some feedback. I have been on fiverr for a couple weeks now and it has not been a good experience. First, I uploaded a photo of myself for my profile and fiverr kept taking it down saying that it did not appear to be unique or real???

My gig impressions, views, clicks page has not been working for 10 days now so I have no idea if my gig is even being viewed. Customer service told me they are aware of the issue. This seems to be a long time to have the issue unresolved.

A couple days ago I tried 6 times from 2 different computers to make gig purchase and was unable to. The only way I got it to go through was using the app on my phone.

Next, I made a couple of minor wording changes in my gig description and fiverr took the gig down from being searchable for almost a week. I asked customer service to explain what changes I COULD make without having the site taken down. After 2 weeks of no response, fiverr closed my question as “solved”. It’s the 3rd question I have posted to customer service that went unanswered and was closed as “solved”.

Most recently, I created another gig. I used a gig photo that I had previously used not knowing the gig photos are supposed to be different. Instead of just disallowing the 2nd gig photo, fiverr took down BOTH gigs even though zero changes were made to the first gig. I replaced the 2nd gig photo within a couple hours. It’s been 3 days and both gigs still show “pending approval”.

I don’t know, I have been very unimpressed with this site. I guess I am used to a higher level of professionalism and communication. It just seems like it’s been one issue after another…

Am I being unfair? Any suggestions for me?

Now a days people facing many different issues on Fiver. It might be because of the huge up-gradation is going on back-end and they are not telling it too. Everyone is confused about it.

Unfortunately fiverr does have some issues and some issues fiverr sellers complaining about for quite some times or even years. That’s not all of them that you are listed :wink: you might encounter even more in the future. But I would say you were quite unlucky to get them all almost at the same time.

This is a bit weird unless of you have your photo posted somewhere else and automated system flagging it.

This has been going on for like 2 weeks approx. They suddenly stoped showing out gig stats which is a bit annoying that they still didn’t fix it. A lot of sellers complained about that and some us also have theories around why is that happening. One of them is people connecting it to fiverr rolling out paid promotions.

That does happen because most changes need to “approved”. However sometimes some changes doesn’t affect Your gig placement. Of course fiverr never undisclosed the criteria.

That is is written in TOS that you singer that fiverr doesn’t allow duplicated gigs. And having same photos is basically having duplicated gigs.

We are also seemed to get more bugs since lockdown, probably because fiverr have less people and capacity to deal with them.


thanks for your reply. Hopefully, things get better from here. Not every hearing back from customer service on questions is especially frustrating

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thanks for your reply. Hopefully, things go better for me in the future.