New to Fiverr, Not so New to Freelancing


Hello everybody,

I’m Nica and I’ve been a freelancer for a couple of years now, although I have only just joined this lively community. I hope to get some good gigs on Fiverr to become a better writer and editor and to help support my studies.

Looking forward to contributing to the community,


Welcome Nika!


Thanks :slight_smile:




Thanks a lot! That’s a sweet picture :slight_smile:


Hello. Welcome to fiverr

Follow fiverr academy for more info


Thank you for the amazing response, I do hope this is the beginning of a long-term relationship with this community :slight_smile: It’s hard to get a first gig, but I’m stubborn!


Welcome to Fiverr. Just a small point … in your profile description your website invites contact details outside of Fiverr which is against the Terms of Service so you just need to remove that. (You will find the TOS at the bottom of the main page.) Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Hello! Have fun on fiverr, and good luck with the buyers :wink:


Thank you Lloyd, I didn’t realise that! I will change it immediately.


A warm welcome to Fiverr. Enjoy!



Hey, Nicatomasiello. Welcome on aboard!

What services do you offer by the way? We wish you to have great-time while earning here at Fiverr. Making good gigs are all dependent on your best skill you could offer and stand-out from the crowd. Once you get some orders in starting, then you can try other genres.

Good luck! Hoping for to have loads of orders anytime soon.


Sorry for the delay! Thanks so much for your welcome. I am a proofreader and story consultant/editor, so I check grammar, spelling, formatting, etc., as well as providing personalised developmental feedback to stories and scripts for a variety of format (TV, radio, film, etc.).

I have already had some orders coming in and I have started to build some good relationships with a few clients, so thank you again!


Welcome on board!



Welcome to fiverr Nica!


Hi Richard, this is just a thread I have opened to introduce myself, so I suggest you start your own to ask for help. You are likely to get many more responses that way :slight_smile:


Welcome, i hope you will make a Good business here :slight_smile: best of luck


Hello Nica, good luck. What kind of editing services do you offer?


hi welcome here.
best of luck nica for your aspiring journey and follow Fiverr Academy too, this will help you out a lot :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Heidi, thank you! I can proofread any document (for example, one of my clients asked me to proofread/edit their CV and covering letter); I also offer developmental editing on stories for any medium (script, prose, etc.), which means I write feedback to improve the narrative. I hope this answers your question :slight_smile: