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New to Fiverr, Offering Six Creative Gigs incl Design, Photography, Artwork and Book Covers

Hi there! I’m new to fiverr and have a whole series of really creative stuff to offer. In fact, I am putting up a bunch of new gigs to add to the six pre existing ones. I love creating and that is all I do when I am not at work. I am looking to sell, but would love a little help with that, so I came here!

I can click charming photographs for valentine’s day. Or photoshop anything for you in twenty four hours. Or create a wonderful book cover within a day. Or make beautiful art with fantasy characters for your children or peaceful, tranquil art for yourself within twenty four hours. Or even speed design logos for you!

My gigs are mostly twenty four hours with unlimited revisions because I am a chatty cathy and love talking to my clients, and getting work done for them as fast as possible. At the end of the day, it is important that my clients like their end product, which is where I feel happiest and so does my client.

So please do come and visit my page, and send me a message.

I would love to help you! :slight_smile:

Welcome and good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, voiceoverwork! Its nice to have a reply so soon! :smiley:

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