New to Fiverr/PayPal Questions


I am somewhat new to Fiverr and am looking forward to what I hope is great success using the site to help others create great commercials and voiceover work!

I have never used PayPal before. I have looked at setting up an account but I wanted some recommendations from others first.

Will a regular personal account work for receiving payment for gigs (and possibly a few gigs I may order as well), or do I need a business account?

Just wanting to make sure I’m able to pay and receive payment as efficiently as possible.

Any help with the PayPal account to setup and linking to Fiverr would be very appreciated.

Thanks, all!


A personal account is all you need for start. All you need to do is link and confirm your Credit Card to PayPal.


Fantastic! Thanks for the information. I’ll get on it. I appreciate the help!


Personal account is exactly what you need if you are freelancing on Fiverr.
You don’t need business account.
Also try Payoneer’s master card.
Their fees are lower.

You can find out more about Payoneer here.


The fees are not exactly lower on the Payoneer card. For example, in Romania, I pay $5 taxes for a quick withdraw from my Payoneer card, but at the ATM, I’m given a much lower conversion rate than when I’m withdrawing funds from PayPal to my Credit Card. It depends on your country and currency, I suppose.


On Payoneer you pay fixed price for withdrawing funds 3-5$.
On PayPal you have to pay 4.5%+1.15$.
Both of these are different depending on the country and currency!!

With Payoneer Master Card you can pay in a shop, restaurant and similar without any fees.


Nope, I pay $2.5 as my withdrawal tax on PayPal and that’s it. :smiley:


On PayPal
when I receive $500 I can transfer only: 474,47 USD
when I receive $1100 I can transfer only: 1.051,30 USD


Hey, if I can make 500 or 1000, I’ll be a happy camper. Sooooo anyone need some voiceover or commercial work done? Haha