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New to Fiverr, Please guide me

Hello, I’m a fresh freelancer here on Fiverr as a Graphic designer from INDIA! I create brand identity, design logos, and design packing.

Have any advice for me?
Thank you everyone.


Hello I am athoi… Nice to met you… I am also new seller at fiverr. Welcome to fiverr forum . Best wishes for your new journey… Work hard and keep patience, send buyer request everyday .

Welcome fiverr forum. Best wishes for u. Hope you will get your order very soon.
Keep hard work
Stay safe
Stay home
Happy freelancing

My suggestion is that you delete all your thumbnails on all your GIGs and upload your original work.

If you do not have anything original, delete GIGs and take some time and create.

If you can not create please change GIGs to something where you have skills.

Please do not say your images are authentic, since they are not.


Welcome to fiverr community. Learning more and try to provide quality service to your buyers

If you are from India, why are you claiming that you just graduated from Cal Arts – a private on-campus applied arts school in California (with less than 1,000 students), one month ago? That would have been during the Covid pandemic lock-downs, and, as far as I can tell, Cal Arts is not an online institution. Your Fiverr time-stamp says you are in India right now.

And @marinapomorac is correct, you are featuring images stolen from the internet, and claiming that they are your own work. Unfortunately, you cannot claim to be a “brand expert”, if you aren’t featuring examples of your own work. If you claim to have just graduated from a small California arts school one month ago, you would not have had enough time to amass such an “impressive” portfolio of work.

It looks like you are misrepresenting yourself as something – someone – you are not. Pretending to be someone you are not in order to convince other people to hire you will get you into trouble. I strongly advise that you do as Marina suggested, and show YOUR work in your gigs, and I equally encourage you to be honest. People wish to hire honest freelancers.

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