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New to Fiverr, please help improve my Gigs

Hi all,

What a great community and excellent forums. Thanks to everyone in advance for any help, comments, criticism and tips. I am very new and very excited to be on Fiverr, I’m still brainstorming & figuring out what skills I have & how to sell them on Fiverr.

My main concern is, should I spend more time on the Gigs I have made or just wait to see if any sales come in? After, should I delete Gigs that aren’t selling & add more or just edit, enhance or fix my current Gigs?

Please check out my Gigs, any suggestions & tips & criticism will be greatly appreciated! Thank you :slight_smile:

You can keep on those gigs you already have to reach more market, you will never know when someone will need it.

Thank you for the tip! I will just leave them as is & be patient :slight_smile:

Me me into a crowded market.

Eg logo design.
Then you start to promote your gigs.

You can not just wait for traffic from fiverr.

You must promote your gigs out through facebook group, and twitter

I have created 6 gigs so far, but successfully sold two of them,but since then waiting to attract the buyer ,I am very much clear and ever ready to do the job fr them ,my record is 100% and response time is also good. I still can’t figure out what is wrong!

I do it as the option comes during gig making process…where we have to launch it on different sites…but apart from this what else can I do to boost my sales…seeking help!

Thank you for the tips! I have promoted on Facebook but still no traffic or sales.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I have made 7 and have been active for 5 days, very little traffic and no sales. I am tweaking my Gigs & profile a bit here and there in hopes to improve traffic.

Don’t get discouraged or give up hope. You have had your first success and sold some of your Gigs, I’m sure with some patience and promoting you will start to get more. I wish you good luck!