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New to Fiverr, please help me starting!


Dear fellow “Fiverr’s”. im new to this and need some help starting. can anybody favorite my Gig? i can do it back.


Hi! Favoriting your gigs won’t effect anything. I recommend editing your gigs and making new gig images. Hope this helps


Also noticed you don’t have any examples of your work. That might help too and adding more information about what you offer. Try taking out the part about the budget as well in the description


thanks, i havnt done any jobs yet. im going to make some just to have on the gig now, im letting you know when im done so you can check them out


Not sure what you mean by “making some jobs?”

Ok sounds good. Let me know


im to hyped to start, cant even write :stuck_out_tongue: i meant what i can offer :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh ok! Would love to help you improve your profile. Let me know!


Your Gig is too general dude, and so are your tags. Everything is a little confusing.
You have the possibility to create 7 Gigs, then use them all. You say you can do logos, intros, etc.
Create one Gig with specific tags for each, and be specific yourself, don’t be too general “I’ll do everything…” most clients will not stop and ask you what you can do: OFFER IT.
Once you create more Gigs and more specific, update your thread and we can take a look.


This makes perfect sense - I’m learning so much just from reading other people’s responses on here. :slight_smile:


That’s why new sellers are here: to write less and to read more :+1:
You may also use all 7 possibilities to create Gigs, statistically, you’ll have better chances if you have 5 shops on a busy street than just one, uh? Here is the same, if you take Fiverr seriously you’ll succeed without even realizing. :space_invader:


Duly noted :). I’ve got my nose to the grindstone – thanks again for the tips :slight_smile:


thanks for the tips! :smiley: