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i have strated a gig for few hours and still no orderes yet …pls let me kow if there is a way to get me ordered really exited about the platform and hoping for your help .thanks mark


A few hours is nothing - you’ll need to be be really patient!

Have a look at responding to buyer requests to begin with.


thanks men i appreciate your help , do you have like a specific lines to write on byre request or you come up with new lines depending on costumers


:sweat_smile: few hours… yep


Each buyer is going to be looking for something different, so you need to construct your offer based around their needs.


yes avrora i have a friend who has recommended fiverr to me his words whre like few hour when lunching account get orders right a way so :stuck_out_tongue:


Slow down :tiger2: give it more :watch: time.
BR TIP: Don’t use the same template, it’s best to customize your BR proposal accordingly.


He might be really lucky. Or maybe he promoted his gig. Or… anything can be.


thanks nikavoice this really help me a lot maybe in the feutre once i got really experienced on fiverr :wink:


You already have 7 reviews although not from this gig so you must have some idea how Fiverr works. Suggest you do what you did before.


Yeah - maybe take that with a pinch of salt! :slight_smile:

It is a bit odd you’re asking for advice since your account says you’ve had some sales previously.


thank you i have just earned few bages here on the forum wohooo !


yes i have started new gigs … is all new few frends of mine has ordered by me from facebok mb for a year or so :blush:


I am also new to fiverr and a posted a gig 2 days ago. Such i am new to fiverr bu had worked with many others marketplace. From those experiences i can say you have wait with patient and keep sharing your gigs to social media’s. That’s it. It will take time but you can be success. Best of luck. I think Fiverr will make you satisfied. Thank You… :slight_smile:


thank you nuralamraju , is it something doable to make a leaving out of fiverr income just courroies men


Friends can only get you so far. To be successful, you need to find, or build, a long-term customer market. Without it, your business prospects will be limited.


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Hi there,
This person is lying :smile: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


What kind of joke is this? :joy: :joy: :joy:


May be he bought the fiverr account. There is trend going on social media, people are selling there fiverr accounts with some reviews and stars for a handsome price!