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New to Fiverr? Read this BEFORE you ask "How do I get my GIG Featured?"


Hello Friends,

You need to follow very simple steps to ensure your Gig stands out as very unique , precise and in a brief manner straight to the point. Looking at the example below you will understand how to structure a gig during development to try and broaden your market scope to target a wider Audience you will notice the gig below is appealing to both buyers and re-sellers

Once you have gone through the example above you now understand how to open up your gig to a broader audience follow the simple steps below.

  1. Use 1 video and 2 very rich graphics
  2. use some keywords in your title
  3. write very good and brief description with sprinkle your keywords
  4. Try and always respond to orders on time and be very respectful to all users even the rude ones try to keep your cool and remain diplomatic with your responses.
  5. Form a tradition of creating a good customers relation
  6. Use different images in all of your gigs- not the same one in every gig
  7. If possible try and create a video for your gig

    With a little bit of patience your gig will be featured as it will have all the right attributes that the fiverr editors like to see on a unique gig KEY WORD IS UNIQUE

    I hope that helps you all and God Bless

    Please feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas so that we may grow this community and help so many new fiverr sellers or newbies :slight_smile: all feedback is much appreciated and valued…