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New to Fiverr - received a strange message (scam?)

Hi, I just joined and published my gigs today. I’ve checked other similar topics but I haven’t seen this sort of message come up as a scam. Someone named Robert Woods apparently set me up for an online interview with the HR rep at Cox as an administrative assistant? They are asking me to make a gmail account to be hired for a full / part time position. I just responded that I am not interested in a permanent position and reported the account and message as scam. It was filled with weird formatting errors as well. Just a heads up in case anybody else is dealing with the same issue!


Yes you did the right thing by reporting them immediately and blocking them as well.


When you will be new seller , some people will try to scam you .They search by filtering new arrivals and try to scam the sellers .For that When you will get nonsense messages ,just block those buyers and remain safe … :grinning: