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New to Fiverr - Should my conscience go out the window?



I’ve joined Fiverr yesterday and I’m already on my 4th gig, but two of them so far have been testimonials for get-rich-quick schemes that I’m not really a fan of and most of the time are scams, however my eyes have lit up with dollar signs! I don’t want to be giving Fiverr a bad name by producing videos for this sort of ‘scheme’, then again…a gig is a gig is a gig! Just wanna know your thoughts…

Stay excellent :slight_smile:



I understand your concern. Maybe in cooperate that into your gig description…( I will not…)…or just tell them to contact you with details prior to booking the gig so you can make sure that you do want to be a spokesperson for the business/project!

Anyways, good luck here on Fiverr and welcome to the community :wink:


you can also start a referral service for other sellers who will do that. I for one do those a bit and I must say its money…

I’m not saying to refer them to me for say, but scratch my back I can definitely scratch yours… And I am sure others feel the same way.

as for your conscience, let it be how YOU feel as a seller. annai80 gave great advice with making it a point to put the “I will not” portion to your description and or tell them to contact you prior to purchasing the gig.

Either way you go about it I wish you luck and money to feel your need.


Take the advice from the sellers above and be sure to incorporate into your gig description what you will and will not do. Just know that if you choose to do that, then you limit your options and will lose customers. But it’s understandable if you just don’t feel right doing it. Nothing is worth putting your values/morals on the line. Good luck with everything :slight_smile: