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New to Fiverr so just saying hi to everyone!

Greetings everyone!

Am new to Fiverr and just wanted to introduce myself.

I am an expat (USA) living in Montevideo, Uruguay and I am a marketing manager.

Some of the freelance work that I do are the following:

  • Marketing Plans
  • Social Media Community Management
  • Social Media Ads.
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Video Editing
  • Logo Designs
  • Content writing
  • Blog writing
  • Translations

So if you need help in these areas shoot me a message!

My general question is how long did it take some of the sellers on here to get their first gig?

What are the average prices buyers are willing to pay?

Do my gigs seem expensive?

Well just want to say hi and hope my experience on here is great!


It took me 45 days to sell my first gig. Some sellers have orders their first day, others have said they do not have orders after months or even years! :scream_cat:

Otherwise I just want to say:

image And good luck on Fiverr! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome Kelvin!

I would recommend starting your gigs at $5 you get some orders and build up your live portfolio.

After you get some good reviews, then you can start to raise your prices.

It’s hard to get your first sale, but once you get a few good reviews it gets easier!

Good luck,

  • Justin

Welcome to fiverr!!!

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Welcome to Fiverr!
Best of luck :+1:

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Thank you all for the welcome and thanks Newlevelseo for the tip.

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Anytime! Feel free to shoot me a message, and if I have time I’ll give you a couple free pointers on how to improve your gig offerings :+1:

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You are welcome to fiverr.

I wish you the best.

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Hi everyone that is new on here on fiverr, am also new on here and wanting to get orders. anyone who could give me advises. Thanks and God bless you all

I adjusted my gigs and am getting more clicks. Still waiting for that first order.


Welcome to Fiverr & wish you all the best

welcome to Fiverr community.

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Hello everyone contact me for website designing and mobile issues!

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Welcome to Fiverr & wish you all the best for career ahead

Welcome to fiverr and good luck

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Welcome to fiverr.
I wish you the best experience.

It happens, there are many competitors.
Welcome ! and all the best…