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New to Fiverr So Take A Look At My VO Gig And Give Me Your Thoughts


I am new to the site and I would love if you could give some pointer son my gig. Say how to improve it or make it better so as to attract more customers. Thank you!

I guess I am curious as to how to be better ranked in the searches.


Suggest writing your profile description in the first person as that comes across as more friendly and less formal.


Research on the top rated seller and try to learn how to they present their services than you can get idea how to present your services more attractive to customers!!!


I’d say you probably need to start at lower price. I know, $10 is already dirt cheap but your competition is offering similar service for $5 and some even throw in commercial license for free.

Get some reviews and raise your prices gradually.


I appreciate your feedback. As soon as I posted this I started getting a lot of orders. I’m doing a promo thing that gets a commercial license and .WAV file include for first time customers. It’s a nice little side hustle I’ve found. Thanks for all the input!