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New to fiverr, some advise would be helpfull on this matter

Hey guys,
So yesterday I finally uploaded my professional video editing gig and I am new to fiverr. I used to do small freelance video editing projects but decided to move to fiverr finally after considering it for months thinking it will be more profitable and I will acquire more clients. I have no experience in this platform so I would like to know, what do you guys think of my gig and what should i improve? I already have some views but I dont know If that’s a good start…

Thanks in advance

Try the ‘buyer requests’ section under the selling tab. That is what got me started.

Thanks but I already tryed it not much to be seen. Only made an offer because I only found out 1 decent request but thanks anyways.

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Hope this will help you.:slightly_smiling_face:

share your gig in social websites… wait for your first sale it’s very important for the gig. sometime it will take a lot of time for the first sale, everyone is looking for rating and previous work. you can also tell your friends if they need your service…

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Thanks but I already read the fiverr tips and strategys.

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to share via social websites, but I guess i can try groups and forums. Thanks!

Personally, I avoid social websites like the plague in the conventional sense. I’d also avoid forums. You need to really find niche ways to market yourself. i.e. Someone who stumbles upon you outside of Fiverr shouldn’t stumble upon you because they are in a place saturated with people screaming “buy my Fiverr gig.” They should stumble upon you in a place where they least expect to be impressed by you but find you anyway and say to themselves, “mmmhh, I think I’m going to bookmark this bloke.”

How you find a way to do that will be a challenge. I have been very lucky but I have also got myself into a bit of a marketing hole by having 2 different freelance identities which I can’t really reconcile.

If you are into videography & editing, enter some competitions. Write reviews for software, answer questions on Quora. I use Linux and recently submitted my story of using Linux as a freelance writer (and why it’s so much better than Windows) to an online Linux magazine.

If you want to market yourself well, you shouldn’t ask for advice as all the advice you are going to get is going to be recycled, ‘use Facebook’ garbage. Market yourself by finding niche ways which no one else has (so far) to say why you are a real authority in regard to what you do. - And get used to the fact that marketing yourself can be a full-time job in of itself.

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Great answer, thanks a lot for the suggestion! I will wait a few more days and if no gig comes up I will defenitly try this!