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New to fiverr, Suddenly impressions Gone Down from last 3 days. and No orders coming in.. Help

I am new to fiverr,

Joined 27 Days Ago.

I have Completed 35 Orders Till Now.

and Earned $272

Included (15 and 20 dollars sale + tip)

and now My gigs fallen Down its Impressions. and NO orders Coming in .

I need to get Upto 300 this month.

All i want to ask is

will i get any order further …

Or it will be same as my last three days are :frowning:

you have to make your own marketing fiverr dosent garantee you to stay in the search system forever.

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I’d say just stay consistent, extend your services. It all comes together, consider it as the quite before the storm.

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can anyone just tell me how can I make own marketing on my fiver gig for more orders.

thanks for help.

To market yourself on Fiverr, you have the Buyer’s Requests and certain areas on the forum where you can show off your gigs. Outside of Fiverr, you have social media, you can make simple business cards and leave them at places when you’re out, there’s tons of things you can do to get and keep the ball rolling. Also, when you do get orders, just give great customer service and maybe over deliver a little bit to not only create a returning customer, but to help create new ones by word of mouth from that happy customer. Just doing those things should help you out.

Thank you, That’s an amazing piece of advice. its just a quite before the storm.