New to Fiverr, this might be a basic question?


I can’t find the “help” link anywhere… so here is my question >>> I replied to someone’s “need” on the home page in the green tab on the right, and messaged them saying that I was willing to help them. They asked me advice on the topic they needed help on and I responded. …now what happens?


Now make a gig on the topic so they can order from you. :slight_smile:


Create a gig regarding that topic and don’t offer any more information through messages until they order from you, you gave them a taste of the brandy but they have to buy the whole bottle


Thanks a lot!


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Lol. Nice saying. I’ve never heard that line before.


You can have them purchase any of your gigs. It does not have to be one created for their request. I have sold Fiverr gigs totally unrelated to the request and have gotten good reviews on them./

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You can also follow back up with them if you do not hear back. Sales101 - many people just have too much going on, so always re-contact someone. Often they will say oh yeah, I forgot to order and next thing you know… ORDER!