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New to Fiverr - Tips on Gig Appreciated!


Hello All!

I am a voice over artist new to Fiverr and would appreciate any insight into how my gig reads to potential clients. I look forward to reading your feedback and would be happy to answer questions or help anyone in any way I can.

My Gig

Many Thanks,


Hi Elise,

Your gig description looks fine and samples too, but the review raises a question.
So another opera singer like yourself from US hired you to do VO work for them?

I’m not jumping into conclusions here, but it looks odd to be honest.
For a savvy buyer that would be a red flag. There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing, but try to get a few more reviews.

I hope Fiverr is not the only platform where you provide you service. So I would recommend reaching out to your clients off Fiverr and ask them to process some orders through Fiverr.