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New to Fiverr.. what are the things to do to get you noticed and rushed for?

hi Friends. so a friend of mine came up to me and saying "Hey vine if i have your skills i will be making tones of money on fiver. amazed at how confident he sound , i quickly asked for more details on how he really means, pretty convinced about the system i quickly made an account here, doh no gig order yet i, think its really a nice place but from my experience so far i think its only fun when you get recommendation from previous completed jobs, the problem is how do you get a job if no recommendations at all, how do you gig get to the front page like those we always see with stars? best i could think of as an answer to all this is that you have to start working but is that it ? plc maybe i need more clarifications and way out of this i am so eager to get my typing skill making me some money but am stock with my gigs and need to get them out so plc drop your honest recommendations

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If you want to succeed, all you have to do is to provide an unmatched service and strive to make your customers 100% satisfied with your work. You may not receive orders in first few days, but later, you will receive some orders. Make sure to create as many gig as possible with some variations depending on your expertise and needs of your target market. You can also join the Fiverr Forum and promote your gig in the New Gigs section. Sending offers for Buyer Requests is also a good move to get some orders. One of the most important things is to keep in touch (no one knows when you will receive your first few orders) because if you get an order cancelled or if you receive some negative feedback in first few weeks, it has a significant impact on your ratings.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

wao thanks a lot this was very educative and dully instructing, will do so thanks