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New To FIVERR...What's the best and quickest way to get a logo done?


I’m new here so I’m just learning how this site/service works. What is the best/quickest way to get a logo done? I have already submitted a request. How long does it usually take to get responses?


Minutes! There are many designers in here. Just be clear in what you need and I am sure you will find someone!


It would be much better if you wait for about 24 hours. You will have plenty of vendors to choose from.
Some of them are really very creative :slight_smile:


@tajihclark1 even though you will get many offers in just minutes, I recommend you to pay attention at what @arcsolutions just said. It is better if you give enough time for designers to offer, that way you will have more options.


Before you start to go in designing field OR starting a logo design gig in fiverr here is what you can do :

If You Are Seller :

Most Important Factors :

  • Check competition with your competitor ( Most Important )
  • Lean much as you can from anywhere
  • Use & provide everything Original / Official ( Tools & Creativity )
  • Don’t do copy copy work ( Design OR Create Anything Innovative / Creative )
  • Provide top notch service to customer as you can , ( Quality & Professional Work )

Business Factors :

  • Before you start a gigs , Take a look at customer support sections .
  • Read fiverr customer polices as well buyer / seller polices .
  • Before you start work / order with customer make sure everything about projects / deal with customer.

If You Are Buyer / Customer :

  • Give some time to seller for done your work.
  • Remember in fiverr there is lot’s sellers who doing great job , No matter new or old seller , you can ask for portfolio and if you like work you can go with them for your logo project ! :tada:
  • Fiverr is not a provider , it’s a platform where you can find lot’s creative sellers who providing lot’s different type of services from anywhere in world. :sunny:

That’s it , if you following all factors continue you will soon get some clients / customers OR Superb Quality Delivery :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help!


Thanks @manto2112, I appreciate your responses. I guess I just need to be patient… lol


Hello, @tajihclark1 there 2 ways you might have figured, A buyer request and you can choose direct someone. by A request you can get many offers and your own choice of designer would take much research to get a good/pro designer because there are huge designer available here and you need to find a perfect guy. hope you get good designer and your desirable Logo design, Good Luck. :slight_smile:
in the mean time you can take a look at my gig too :slight_smile:


@keyur44 Thanks for taking the time to respond. Do you have any reviews?


Here was the request I posted:

Logo Needed
Company Name: Freedom 1st Enterprises. Colors: Black, White, Silver, Gray, Green. Ideas: an eagle or eagle head, the number “1” or “1st”, freedom, a shield or crest. Time Frame: ASAP

I want to see what responses I get first (if any) before I make a decision.


I hope you get good designers :slight_smile: