New to Fiverr with good reviews. Current buyer not responding and could ruin my Gig, what should i do?


I am pretty new to Fiverr and only have 2 reviews but both are 5 stars. I woke up this morning to a 3rd order so got the order done in very good time and have now delivered. I have not had any contact back from the buyer regarding the order or the delivery since they placed the order.
Once I have delivered the order, does that stop the countdown timer and how does this work with regards to having a negative impact on my Gig if the buyer doesn’t respond within the 24 hours or requests revisions?
Its late and i want to go to sleep and i am worried that if they reply whilst i am asleep i wont be able to respond and could affect any reviews i may get?


If you delivered your order on time then you do not have to worry about the clock/time.

There won’t be any kind of negative effect on your profile. Once the order is delivered, buyers get 3 days to request changes. After 3 days order will be “automatilly marked as completed” and they can not “Request Changes” on order page anymore. They can still message you and ask for changes, if needed.

There won’t be any negative effect on your profile if you do not respond immediately to your buyer’s revision request. You delivered your order within promised time, nothing to worry about. Now you may peacefully go to sleep.


Phew, thanks. Beddy byes it is lol :slight_smile: