New to fiverr with little experience


Hello, I am new to fiverr and would really like some guidance. I have been trying to sell my gigs and bidding for buyer requests to no success. Kindly help


Your profile should be more about your qualifications for the gig you’re doing. you have a short space to sell yourself to your customer. Use it to do that.

Your gig description needs to have more in it. It’s too short. Look at other gigs in your category for ideas. DON’T copy them.

It’s not clear what your research gig is offering. Is it to write a research paper, or is it proofreading? A buyer wants to know exactly what they’re getting.

Have a meaningful gig image that isn’t your profile picture.

While we’re on that, is the profile picture you because it looks like a posed shot? If it’s not you then change it to one of you.


Thanks for the insight. And Yes, the profile picture is me.


I’m glad the picture is you. It’s a great shot.


Thanks a lot. I hope you wouldn’t mind if I came to you on later days with such queries. I’d really be grateful for your help.
Once again, thanks for the insight.


Please don’t contact me directly through my inbox or through PM here on the forum.

If you have questions, ask them on the forum as you’ve a better chance of getting a response from a variety of people.

Good luck with your selling.


Very informative. Thanks a lot. I have learnt many things from you. I am also new in fiverr.