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New to fiverr would love so tips!

its my first week here and im very hopeful to start!
i have my first gig going but i would love some tips due to the fact that nothing really changed from the moment i uploaded the gig…
but maybe i should just be more patient, but i would still love to hear some tips! :blush:


If you’d love tips, you’ll find hundreds of them if you enter “Tips” in the search bar of the forum. That’s how many people ask this very question and it’s really annoying. Search before you write a post, please.


Give it time and self promote through facebook etc i find it helps to have a facebook page related to your services and work on building it up etc. It took me 3 months before i got my first customer. It will not happen over night and if possible upload more the one gig and stay away from over saturated services like facebook banner design ect offer a service they are not or think of a way to make your service better than others are offering.but work on promotion of your gigs tell your friends and go and visit forums etc

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Massively unprofessional, and letting yourself down. If this is how you respond to someone like @humanissocial giving you entirely fair criticism, you won’t last long on Fiverr, or as a freelancer in general.

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Not the best impression to leave when you respond like this in a thread about your gig or about anything else.

Not worked up, just explaining to you. Remember: this is all public and people are weary of working with those who respond poorly to constructive criticism.

Thank you, @cubittaudio I agree and I was calm and rational, contrary to his ironic message.

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Welcome to the forum

Check out: Before you ask about HOW TO GET ORDERS or No Orders: READ THIS (MORE ORDERS, Tips, Buyers, First Order, Impressions, Sales)

Also check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

You will find all the tips you need in the above.


i was just saying thank you for the tip

sorry if i annoyed you i will take it to considerations to not annoy people i guess, good criticism, see you out there.

yes you are absolutely right.

i let myself down massively by sending that message, thank you for making me realize my horrible mistake, you’re awfully kind.

thank you so much i will

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that helped me a lot thank you :pray:t3:

“jesus christ okay thanks for the advice not need to get all worked up about it” is not “just” saying thank you.

Ok i was just a bit startled by the way you approached me, that is all, please dont make a bigger deal out of it.

I would have to disagree with this, just to be fair. I was thinking to myself reading your initial response that you had every right to be annoyed, but I was also startled by the hostility in your message, and many of your messages I’ve seen in the forums. You’ve clearly been around here a lot longer than many of us and know your stuff! Having seniority and dealing with new people all the time must be frustrating. Been there for sure. But being new myself I have a lot of empathy for people feeling lost and trying to get a start.

Being on the internet a lot you end up seeing a lot of “newbish” behavior. It happens everywhere all the time, and my recommendation is to take a deep breath and not respond rather than venting that here. Anyone with the most experience in this type of communication isn’t responding at all if they don’t feel the initial post is worth addressing because it’s too common. It’s mature to assume the person will then get few to no responses, learn from that, and move on.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to step in because I didn’t feel your reaction to his reaction was very fair. People are also wary (I believe that’s what you meant, not weary) of working with people with your sorts of responses.

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