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Hi all! Hoping for some assistance. Im new to this site. Im searching for someone to help me market my internet business. Basically, someone willing to do all the computer work. The store and the website have been created as well as the FB page. Maintaining them is easy. Getting it marketed and on up the Google search ladder is what has me lost. There are so many people offering so many different things. How can I put it out there and have people contact me with the correct services? Is it possible to do that?

You can submit a buyer request. This is where you can provide a description of what you need put it under a specific category (maybe online marketing). Then your request is put into a pool of the other requests and sellers can submit a proposal for the job and you get to choose who you want to work with. That is the generic by the book answer.

To be honest though, the sellers that are usually at the top of their game are not the ones bidding for buyer requests mainly because they aren’t desperate for work and get enough jobs without submitting buyer request proposals. What you are left with for sellers may not be the kind of work you want.

I would honestly recommend looking in the category you are interested in and checking out the sellers under the “high ratings” tab. This doesn’t mean you need a Top Rated or even a Level 2 seller, a Level 1 seller with high ratings can be just as good as a TRS.

If this task is important to you, I would recommend doing the research. It pays off in the end! Good Luck!

If you’re interested in doing Google Ads to advertise your business, I can help you with the headlines.

Thanks for the info. missashley8705. fastcopywriter, thank you, but i need someone who can maintain more than just google. I need them to help maintain all the internet marketing.

Am also new and I am wondering if fiverr is the right place.

You should search for a virtual assistant, you can find them here on fiverr.

Reply to @missashley8705: Hy Friends,

I am selling software serial key, product key and software setup too.

1- Microsoft Office 2007,2010,2013

2- Window 7, 8.1

3- Graphic Software

4- Marketing Software

etc. ask me for your software.

Reply to @solow13: I am a virtual assistant and while each va offers slightly different services, most have the same basic offerings (difference being in quality mainly). Most VA’s don’t offer SEO services. The people with the necessary skills to optimize for search engines offer that as their sole service. This person doesn’t need help maintaining (assistant work) he wants to better market/advertise and optimize his site. That is a specific niche not generally included in virtual assistant services (from what I have seen anyway).