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New to fiverr

Hi everybody!

I am new to Fiverr! How does it work? I have posted a project I need help with, and have given a max price I can pay.

I have got lot´s of offers, but the prices a very different, and when they haven´t changed the price, when it still say´s 5 dollars, what does that mean? Surely they don´t mean they are willing to do the job for 5 dollar´s or what? Can somebody please give me a bit of insider knowledge to how this works???

Sellers need to give a price when answering to buyer requests, and also have a very limited space to write the answer (only 220 characters). Sometimes, it’s difficult to know how much to charge with the limited info given by the buyer in its ad, so the seller just fills that part with the basic $5.
For example, I’m a translator, and often the buyer request says “I need to translate something from En to Es”, but doesn’t say the length of the text. However, the system makes me give a price, so I just write $5.

Once that you, as a buyer, get some answers to your ad, you might want to check the sellers profiles, read their ratings, and contact them for any further discussion about the order. When you find a seller that you think is a good match for what you need, you’re ready to order from him/her.

Also, I think that it’s a good idea if you first read Fiverr ToS, so you’ll know which are your rights and obligations as a buyer.

As earlier mentioned by Belengarcia, Sometimes, it’s difficult to know how much to charge with the limited info given by the buyer in its ad
However, if a seller is not so sure about the cost of the project, the best thing is to ask the buyer to contact them before placing the order. Sometimes, sellers wish to explain the reasons why they charge certain amount in their offers, but the 220 characters limit doesn’t allow. If you’re not sure which sellers to go with, make sure that you contact them before buying the gig. I’ve requested for gigs before and i can tell you that some sellers don’t read buyers description before sending their offers.
Obviously, most of them are eager to get the job, so they quickly send their offers with the default price and message. You as a buyer who knows the worth of your project, you don’t have to go with the highest or lowest bidders all the time, you need to interact with them to be very sure that they understand what you want.

Both Belengarcia, and Seofanatics hit the nail on the head. It can be a bit tricky answering buyer’s requests. Oftentimes more information is needed in order to respond. As sellers, we will place a “filler” bid, and request more information. I also agree that taking some time to research the sellers is important. Some details to take into consideration: the seller’s rating and how well written the gig description is. Best of luck!

Thank you everybody for your advice. It is most apreciated
sincerely Annemette

Be very careful especially, get 5 offer before deciding. Not everyone here knows what they are doing

What if you got 5 offers from 5 people who didn’t know what they were doing?

Here is my take on it -

The buyer request section of fiver is a royal pain for both parties right now.
Sellers go there to look for your request but we are spammed with other sellers trying to market there (which should be allowed).

Then buyers who have a real project they need help with are being spammed with tons of requests by sellers who dont even bother to change the price from the original $5.

I bet half of them are incapable of performing the request in general and that is the problem buyers have .
They get spammed with offers just as sellers get spammed by other sellers while we’re trying to find your offers.

Its a mess and fiverr just doesnt seem to care about it =/

Best thing I can tell you is look for the ones who reply with the most proper grammar and have the most professional looking gigs out of the bunch. Look for the ones that address your problem… Be aware of the short text space they have as someone else above mentioned.

When I answer a buyer request I usually say…
" Hi Name I can help with your request of (name the request). I offer several options and would like to get in touch , check out my gig or contact me by visiting this link (

That way they can see that I read the request , I have a relevant gig , and I want to skip all the bull and get you to contact me.

You lost me quickly when you said “Sellers go there to look for your request but we are spammed with other sellers trying to market there (which should be allowed).” I’m still with you on the annoyance of the spam, but you think the spam should be allowed? Huh?

Just contact the person that send you the offer and ask him. Maybe he want firts to get in touch with you or maybe he want to do it for $5:)

Hi frejaolivia, welcome! Normally you have something you want to offer. I do illustrations etc. For me to create a full illustration it would typically be much more than just $5. So, what you do is scale down what you offer into something you can do fairly quickly for that $5 to give them an idea of what you are ‘selling’. As an example, I do quick black and white illustrations for $5, very rough. Once someone likes what they see, then they are able to add to that, say +$10 for detailed linework and cleanup.

You are basically offering a teaser into your skills and then upselling from there and creating a relationship.

How much is your max price? If it is a lot of money, make sure you read teh reviews of all the sellers and carefully evaluate their work portfolio.

Either contact the sellers personally or mention in your request that you are not willing to pay more than 5 Dollars.