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Well in contradiction to the article. I made my id on Fiverr a good 7+ months ago but I was really busy at that time with my studies now I have been free, so I have started working on Fiverr. I have made the maximum allowed 7 Gigs. I am also using the request quota of 10 per day. Lets hope for the best. Give my profile a look and give me some suggestions for improvement. Check out my Gigs as well. Thank You.

People please reply waiting for your analysis. Need guidance to succeed !

That there’s been no response to your question for 2 days should be a good indicator of the fact that you should perhaps get off your butt expecting help, and do your own research. Or get your mother to do it. Moms are good like that.

I think your English to Urdu translation gig is fine, I think you just need to keep promoting your gigs using all the tools that are available to you.
As for proofreading, it might be hard to get orders since a lot of people already provide that gig, and I am no expert in proofreading, but simply reading the post you left above, I think I notice some grammar errors…???

Entitled much?