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New to Fiverr,

I have been signed up with Fiverr for two weeks now and am still getting a notification that my profile is still not complete. I have done everything ask of me and can’t figure out what is missing. Can someone direct me to what may be the issue?

HI Dewey,
You have not completed all “Linked Accounts”. Fiverr considers “Facebook” as the final piece to the Profile Completion puzzle.

So include your Facebook account and also the rest of the linked account options if you have them, such as Linkedin.

If the problem still persists, contact customer support and they will have to reset a counter to fix the issue. But try completing all available options first.


  • DJ

Click on Selling from the drop down menu on your image on the top right hand corner,
Click Analytics,
Scroll down to see the “Profile completion” % and it will show you what you are missing.

it happens with me too .

Please read my instructions above. ^

Thanks djgodknows, That was the case. I have now linked my accounts.

You don’t have to complete your profile – you can still sell even if a Google+ account, Facebook, etc. aren’t linked.

It’s like when Facebook reminds you to update your photo or what have you – you don’t have to listen.