New to Forum, Top 5 Female in Voice Overs


I’m new to the forums but been on Fiverr for around 9 months now in the Voice Over category, and learning everyday.

Hoping to contribute more here and continue refining best practices. I’m sure I can learn quite a bit from some of you who have been here for years.

My primary gig just crossed 1,000 sales this week, with 700 reviews as of this writing.

I feel like I’m just getting started and I have plenty of room to grow, refine, and learn.

The old forum was tough to use, so I didn’t bother. I really like the new one.

See you in the conversations.



Welcome ! Love your voice over gig :slight_smile:
Thats some great stats you got there.
Anyways welcome to the forum, and watch our from the meanies around here :wink:

(you’ll see)


Thanks for the welcome and the kind words about my gig!

I did see some of the meanies on the previous forum. I checked it out a couple times but since I couldn’t get past the first page on threads and it was so slow for me, I mostly ignored it.

I decided when the new one was announced I was going to just move forward and start learning and contributing.

I’ve been on other forums (outside of Fiverr) and there are always a few in every crowd.

I hope to contribute enough, and help some others. The critics are free to take their shots.


Awesome, good luck ! And hope you continue doing great on fiverr :slight_smile: