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New-to-me buyers asking for discounts


Hi. I have a quick question. I’m still a newbie here and I have a gig where I do proofreading of just about anything (but I mainly get fanfiction, short novels, comic strip scripts, academic papers…stuff like that). I have just run into a new buyer asking for a discount (the gig is huge and will run close to $300 total when I am finished). I have regulars on this site that keep me plenty busy and they have NEVER asked for a discount. I don’t want to short-change myself and this will be a lot of work for quite a few days. I also have clients on other sites as well as in real life. In real life, I charge $30.00/hour for my services.

Do I give a discount or no? I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling but I don’t want to be taken for a fool, either.

Thanks to all that answer.



I am reluctant to give discounts on Fiverr since they’re already getting a discounted rate as it is. I’ve had a few potential buyers go elsewhere but some have ordered anyway after explaining that Fiverr is already a discounted rate.

It does depend on the amount of work it is though and there are times that I’ve offered a discount - but I’ve always made sure that it is still worth the time for me. For proofreading, I offer discounts through my gig extras and they have to order with the gig extras to gain those discounts; if they order gigs separately then I’m less inclined to do it because it means I don’t get the extra days that I do with the extras.


This is not a totally simple question first off, make sure the offer is legit. Ie, make sure they’re not asking you to “verify” your account with facebook or a code to your cellular phone.

Second, if this will be what you “need” to go to level two then I’d definitely do it.

If you’re already going to be level two once a little time passes, than I may be less inclined.

One good response if you DON’T want to discount would be to say something like this:

I’m happy to reduce my fee by any expense you want from 10% to even 50% … in balanced compensation is it okay if I skill every 10th to every other word when I proof it :slight_smile:

Now you have to have the right kind of skillz to say something like that :slight_smile: And include some smileys. Remind them that a bigger project is not “less work” it’s really more.


It depends on how much work you’ll be doing for the $300. If someone wants you to proofread over 600 pages and you only offer 4 pages per $5, its really up to you whether you want to take on such a commitment. Either way, make sure they’re not trying to swindle a deal off of Fiverr, if so, it could be a scam. If he wants to pay $300, tell him he’ll have to order multiple gigs here on Fiverr only.


Reply to @aingham69: Makes a lot of sense. :slight_smile: