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New To Selling On Fiverr, Criticize My Gigs

Greetings, Fiverr community!

During the past week, I have researched, built upon and finally created 4 gigs oriented at the social marketing and specifically Facebook Marketing. My original idea was to create gigs which were viewed as both independent from one another and connected in one scheme.

Saying all of this, I would love if the community can review and shower me with some constructive criticism.
:point_right:The Profile:

Have a great and profitable weekend, Fiverr members!

I find your gig stunning, nothing to flood, but I would like your nice face to appear on profile picture

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Thank you for the kind words and suggestion.
I have though about doing it, but I am hesitant as I think that the Logo is more of a recognizable brand. But for my fellow Fiverr Sellers I might just do it. :blush:

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Your logo is nice, I like it too. Just thought face or avatar would be more professional.

Best wishes