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New to site, please review my promotion and I'll review your gigs

Hello Fiverr,

I’m new here and am providing two gigs currently. Feel free to review my them and give me honest feedback. I currently have a promotion on my spiritual healing and defense teaching gig. The promotion allows the buyer to get extended assistance and questions answered. I will always answer questions and respond to people as quickly as I can. Until I get this app on a smart phone I’m having to log in through a desktop so please be patient with me please, I do not ignore people and will respond asap! I’m looking to provide excellent service and help those who wish to learn :slight_smile: I can easily put up a psychic gig that offers questions answer, tarot readings, healing and other energy services. The reason I don’t is one: many people have filled that gap and two: I wanted to provide a service that people could become independent, one that wasn’t already available. I do not wish to keep people dependent on me, I am here to guide them to the path they desire. That promotion is for the first 250 buyers of the gig. Also if you are beyond the basics of spirituality and energy work I will not charge a fee for things you already know. This gig is aimed at people new and open to this world. This gig will allow you to stay aware and keep your defenses up from outside influences. Looking forward to hearing from the community and best of luck everyone :slight_smile:

I will review yours gigs in exchange? :slight_smile:

Both of these look good - though your first description is entirely bolded. :slight_smile:

I’d suggest maybe writing up some general instructions in an ebook that you can also send to people ordering the gigs, in case they feel the need to look back over and refresh the material?

How to review ? :confused: