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New to the fiverr comunite

Hello everyone i am a new member of fiverr and so far i find it fascinating and pretty interesting. I posted my first gig and it would be helpfull for me if you gave it a look and tell me your opinion on it or if your are intrested in the topic fell free to order it. It certenly would be much appreciated. I am thanking all of you in advance and best wishes in your fiverr experience.:smile:


I’m also new… I have got lots of problems i have created online marketing but i think I will not get any traffic

Welcome to the community. If you or anyone you know needs gnarly custom apparel, send them my way! I love designing new ideas. Best of luck to you on your endeavors.

Try and solve them and you will find the way to get traffic a good solution
is to share your gig in social medi

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Thank you very much for your wishes

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