New to the Forum? Introduce Yourself Here! (No Links, No Ads)


March 2016: We see introduction posts from time to time but I thought this might be handy! This post is stickied so it won’t be drowned out too soon. When it gets long or old, we can close it and start a new one.

So, if you are new or haven’t been around lately, make a comment! If you’re not new, say hi to those that are! Before replying, check out the forum rules and remember not to put internal or external links of any kind in this thread. Readers can click your username to see more.

Not sure what to say? Here’s mine:

*My name is Maddie AKA “FontHaunt” on Fiverr.
*I live in the USA in Texas.
*I enjoy many hobbies including reading, computer games, my cats & horses, reality TV and cooking shows.
*I started selling and buying on Fiverr after reading an ebook about freelancing. *I still buy, sell and volunteer as a forum moderator.
*Pet peeves: Forum readers who send me inbox messages that aren’t related to my gigs and TV commercials with ring tones that make me think my phone is ringing.

Your turn!


My name is Alexander in " aleronk " Fiverr
I live in Brazil
Sport: jujitsu , surfing and football
We will have the Olympics in 2016 in Brazil
I love working on fiverr
And I’m new on Fiverr


I am jessie aka FireRaven
Live in indiana usa
Love my family, pets, animals, and I have to many hobbies to list lol
Don’t have to many pet peeves other then no manners and rude people.


Welcome, @aleronk and @fireraven7788!


I’m Awon Abbas AKA aounnaqvi on Fiverr
I’m from Pakistan
That’s it :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi all, I am an alco…No, my name is Rihan…I recently discovered fiverr. I immediately signed up and created my gigs… Now comes the waiting part - I have lots of impressions, views and clicks, but no sales to date… Patience I guess is key here…


Hi everyone! I just started on Fiverr. I enjoy learning about productivity and work life balance; always reading blogs and taking online courses on the topic. Always trying to better myself. It is great to meet you.


Hi trenddollower1, :slight_smile:
I’m Miss Crystal, and I’m a fiverrholic, and a witch.
Nice to meet you!

Hello everyone, welcome!


Привет, я из России! Моё имя Эдуард.
У нас, в России есть подобный проект, который просто скопировали с Fiverr, но я всё же предпочитаю Вас ))). Спасибо что Вы есть!


Hi my name is Jey and I’m a Fiverrholic.


Hi everyone! I’m Nic, or NinjaNic. I like to run xc, ski, and bike. One of my friends showed me this site, and I’ve also been learning to program for a while now, so that’s what drew me in. It looks really cool, but hard to sell…there’s a lot of competition!


Hi, My name is Made, I do digital illustration here. I have been a Fiverr seller for about a half year ago but I’ve never been active in the forum. I’ve just resigned from my office to concentrate my work here. It’s a very brave decision, people said. But I’m really enjoying my time here. It’s been great. I reached the 2nd level three months ago and currently hunting for the next level. Hopefully I can get a lot of knowledge and share some experiences with others in this forum. Nice to meet you all and I wish you guys have a good day. Cheers!


Hi everybody!
I’m Ahmed, better known as @matden on fiverr.
I come from Lahore, Pakistan.
I just recently dropped out of college, because… I’m too cool for school :stuck_out_tongue:
Now I’m here freelancing on fiverr just trying to save up some capital to first: buy a jeep and second: start my own business.
When I’m not online here on fiverr, I’m probably out running or reading - both of which are very dear to me.
Nice to meet you all. Have a wonderful day! :smiley:


Hello there !

My name is Thibault Marrannes and i’m born and raised in Belgium. I’m 22 years old and studied both marketing communication and new media and communication technology.

I’m always trying to find ways to improve my marketing skill set by reading a lot of books, listening to podcasts etc. but when i’m not I like to play American Football, go to my youth movement, play guitar or bass guitar. I also studied in Denmark which made me travel a lot more !

I found this site on one of my hunts. I sometimes just search for websites that might be of use for me and my business.

nice to meet you guys ! Have a good day !


hello everyone!
i am mahabub ul hasan. few days ago i heard from my friend about fiverr who is successful webpage designer here. i got inspiration from him to start a journey on fiverr. i have created some gigs and waiting for sell.there is a thing you have to believe that patience brings success and i strongly believe it.
thank you.


Hello to all…!!

I am still fairly new to Fiverr. My name is Jonathan Jones and I am a voice over talent here. I have been on Fiver for about 30 days so far and I have reached Level 1. Looking forward to Level 2 soon.

So far in my experience here it has been a growing one and I really like the platform. It is very pleasant and easy to use for the most part. Some naggles here and there, but I can’t complain too much about it.

I have done a lot of work outside of Fiverr, but thought I’d start here on Fiverr a month ago to provide my services towards start-ups and smaller budgeted businesses. So far I think the idea is working out great.


My name is William Corley (Wpcorley02)
I am a new seller from Georgia…I love fiverr and look forward to using it to sell video and graphics gigs.
I have been on fiverr almost a month.
Thanks for reading


Hi everyone
My name is Manoj ( sarjeel on Fiverr), I am From Bhopal , India
I am new on Fiverr just made my first sale a few days ago , very Happy & exciting
I made eye catching Logo , Tshirt Designs . Photoshop Editing & Many More.
I am just learning how to get more success on Fiverr .
and thanks for all of you For sharing your experience & Knowledge , It Really help a lot.

Thank You


My name is Adams AKA “adams_marketing” on Fiverr.
I live in the USA in Salt Lake City .
I enjoy many hobbies including reading, writing, making new friends, watching TV shows both local and international.
I started selling and buying on Fiverr after i heard about it from one of my mentor.
And am happy to announce to everyone that i became a level one seller by providing article writing, sales copy as well resume writing services.
Hoping to achieve the next level soon .
Nice to meet you all. Have a wonderful day! :smiley:


My name is Etieno, reading and writing are my best hobbies.
I joined Fiverr last month, have made sales and hoping to make more sales.
Am a creative writer, fun loving and will chat with you when you need someone to talk to.
It’s nice being here.
Have a wonderful day.