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New to the forum


My name is Felix Babalola. I am a video editor and 2d animator. I started using fiverr early last year. This is my first time in the forum


Hiya, Felix! :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the Community! :tada:

It’s never too late to get involved and join the colorful discussions. :balloon:

You’ll find a plethora of info here. :newspaper:

Most importantly have FUN!


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. I don’t really know how things work here. Does the forum help an individual and business to develop as a fiverr seller


Does it help with the acquisition of knowledge, yes. Does it guarantee sales… no.


Man, I’ve been wasting my time. LOL jk


image Welcome Felix :sheep:

I have learned so much here about how things work on Fiverr. I have been here since July but did not start on the Forum until sometime in August. We are a colorful group, and we have

as Nika said. Sometimes the discussions are fun, sometimes intense, but they are always varied and a good way to see the many opinions of our diverse group of people here on the Forum.

As for @loganstover he is fairly new and he is fitting right in and you will too.


You are mostly welcome to here…!!!


Welcome to fiverr forum. A lot is shared and learnt here.


Welcome to the forum Felix. I met you yesterday when you responded to a post, I would have welcomed you then had I known you were knew. Once again, thanks for commenting on the post, all thoughts, ideas and experiences are appreciated.


Welcome to the forum all DOERS @webvideoguys


Thank you everyone. I appreciate you reaching out to me.

@lamonthenley1 I don’t think I have figured out the buyer requests though. I’m never sure if I am doing the right thing (sorry if it seems I’m making this my support forum). I have tried searching a topic for buyer requests here on the forum something like do’s and dont’s(or something similar) If you can point me in that direction.


Wellcom to all


Welcome to best freelancing community


Hi Felix :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum…


With reference to a previous question … if you type “how to write buyers requests” in the search bar above you will find lots of posts on the subject which may be of help to you.


Hey Felix, unfortunately I cannot point you in that direction because just like you, I am new to Fiverr and the forum. I have only been at this for about a week and I still and figuring things out myself. I joined Fiverr in NOV. 2017 but have only been active since last week. As I learn more about how this works I will gladly share my knowledge with everyone
P.S. I still haven’t created any gigs as of yet either, still working towards that.:sunglasses:


Thanks for the reply @lloydsolutions I meant to answer buyer requests sorry, I used the search bar all the same though. Thanks.


All the best at @lamonthenley1 at least I can assure you that after creating the first gig, it gets easier.