New to the game


First off, thanks Fiverr for providing such an easy and diverse way to get my voice over work started. I have been taking all the necessary steps and will soon be wired for sound. If anyone reading this is also new to the world of v.o. feel free to message me and we can slay this dragon together. I feel the best and quickest way to success is by surrounding myself with like-minded individuals. Looking forward to start working and meeting the Fiverr community.

Here’s to Ya!
Matthew Joseph


Welcome Matthew! :bouquet:


@mattjosephvo most welcome :slight_smile:



WELCOME to our colorful community. You’ll encounter an interesting group people, don’t be shy and join the discussions. :sunglasses: :butterfly:


Welcome to Fiverr. if you’re looking for meet like-minded individuals, don’t be afraid to surf the forum, and get involved with some of the many topics in discussion. There are many friendly people on these forums – even a few who do VO work as well.


Hello wonderful Matthew!

Welcome to the forum!

There are several Voice over artists who frequent the Forum!



welcome to the forum and fiverr community
have a great day