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New to this site: Can someone give me pointers on how to improve my gigs

Hey everyone!

I only became a member of Fiverr last night when I was thinking about ways I could make some money whilst being stuck at home due to medical reasons. I have been working as a Social Media Producer for five years with many different television companies and celebrities. I am a trained photographer, videographer, creator, and editor.

I am looking for some tips on how to make my first sale. The link for one of my gigs is below so if you could check it out and give me some pointers, that would be fantastic!


check out number 2.

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Gigs can also be posted in “Improve my Gig” if the person is looking for suggestions.

As per your profile, I actually think it looks nice. I’d recommend more detailed gig descriptions though, but that might just be a personal thing.