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New Tool For Sellers: Quick Responses! (5.5.2015 Update)


5.5.2015 - Update to Quick Responses!

Quick Responses feature is now available for order messages and delivery popup. Woo hoo!

Lately, we've been updating with some new features for our seller community. Today, our team has rolled out an extremely helpful feature to help with communication with buyers - Quick Responses.

With the help of Quick Responses, our seller community can respond with predefined text to make the communication flow easier, faster and more responsive. You can set it once, and use it across all conversations in your Inbox. Give it a try!

To create a new quick response template:

  • Click Use a quick response

  • Click Add new quick response

  • In the Quick response name field, enter the name of your template response

  • the Enter your quick answer field, enter the text you would like to save and send to the user

  • Click Save

Your quick response is saved and available for use by clicking the arrow next to Use a quick response.

What are some of your most popular responses?


At first I was skeptical, but now I use this feature all the time. It’s so nice to save responses and then customize them or not, depending on the situation.


Very cool, thanks!


I love this new tool, but I would love it even more, if I could use it on the order page too.

Most of my copy paste messaging is done on the order page.


Neat! I’ll be using this to respond to people who ask for things I don’t do.


Reply to @hironan: Thanks for the feedback. It’s something we’ve heard from other sellers and shared it with our product team.


Reply to @kjblynx: better late than never :slight_smile: Wanted to make sure the rest of the community had a chance to know about this feature. Thanks for the feedback!


Reply to @kashmiah: +1 for this on order pages, I use predefined answers (copy/past from notepad for now hehe) on both conversation and order pages, but mostly on order pages.


yeah, ditto on the “wish it was on the order page”. most of my inbox messaging is rather unique but my order delivery messages are all frighteningly similar. :smiley:


I agree the Order page is where we really need this feature!


what would you want to turn the community into a bunch of robots? I hand write every single reply, even if its several pages long.


Well not bad. Will start using this feature. Sometimes it can help as i`m getting many similar questions about my gig…


Love this! I currently have a separate Google doc full of my template responses that I constantly have to keep open to copy and paste responses from when replying to messages/questions that I tend to receive again and again.

This is way easier! Thanks so much, guys!


And I second some of the previous posters – this same feature for the order delivery page would be awesome! Pretty please? :slight_smile:


cool feature… !!! really helpful…


That´s great!!! but you should also put it in the Delivery Now box.


Very useful :slight_smile: Thanx.


This is a wonderful idea. Earlier we have to make text on a text file and copy paste it every time we need to send that text. Now we can do it just by few clicks. Another suggestion, can’t you do the same for order delivery form? Because I have to type the same text all the time I am delivering the order. Eg: Please check the attached image herewith and let me know if you need any modifications.

If you can introduce the same feature to the delivery form it would be wonderful.




A super cool feature, love it.

Thank you so much fiverr.


Everytime I have to apologize for the late response that I was slept.

Now this is just a click away :wink:

Love all features of fiverr …