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NEW : Top Buyer sign in messages!

I found this feature pretty usefull, as it helps in sepearting time wasters from actual buyers. Its a good indicator when deciding how much pre sales time to spare for a buyer.

What you all think ?

and of course; check my gigs :slight_smile:

What do you mean? What exactly is a “Top Buyer”?

Rules haven’t been disclosed unfortunately, so honestly nobody knows which stats a buyers must have to be a Top Buyer.

What I can tell is Top Buyers have a badge shown next to their name in conversation tab, so sellers know who they’re talking with :smiley:

Reply to @mark74: That’s what I thought but since this post was written like a good-news post I hoped @doruku had a real quote from Fiverr or something. My profile pic is a badge that means I am the Emperor of the Planet of Gazebo but not many people know that when they are talking to me. :wink:

Reply to @fonthaunt: ahahahahahhahaha :smiley:

The slight difference is in the tooltip text: if you hover your mouse pointer on that icon you see the tip “Top Buyer”, while on yours no :smiley:


Excellent rating system!

Reply to @mark74: Well, that’s a bug. Fiverr is supposed to fix my Imperial tooltip soon but they seem to have a long list of things to fix. I can’t imagine why mine isn’t at the top. :wink:

@ OP - I highly agree with you. That was my initial thought when I discovered top buyers were branded with the insignia. Fiverr has been making good with some impressive updates lately.