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New Transcription Gig

Hi everyone,
I’m currently doing translation and I’m thinking in opening a transcription gig.

I would like to ask some help before starting this new service. Can someone help me?

Here are a couple questions I have:

  • How do you DO and DELIVER a time code?
  • How do you usually deliver the projects? Word? pdf?
  • Are you asked to do some more “fancy” things? like file format or inserting directly the transcritp in a video?
  • More or less, what is the average order you’ve been asked (how many minutes and in how many time)?
  • why is there a limitation of speakers? what does that involves when transcipting?

I know that some may not be very willing to help me become sort of a “competitor” but if you had some tips that would be very helpful! You may also contact me directly if you think this would be more suitable…

thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Any expert on this category will be able to provide you accurate answer


But I’m afraid I didn’t quite caught the meaning of this answer…