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New trend emerging!

Disturbing new trend happening with buyers. Wondering if it’s happening to you all.

Since just before Christmas, I have been getting buyers asking for custom offers. We agree on the scope of project, price, and deadline. Then, the moment the gig is started, they start hounding me hourly wanting delivery. “It shouldn’t take this long, I need it by tomorrow” even though we may have agreed on three to seven days depending on the scope of the project.

Then comes the “if I don’t get it sooner, I’m going to leave a bad review” stuff. And the less I mention what they say when I say, “if you want it sooner it’ll cost more”.

I was hoping it was an isolated buyer but I’m now on the fifth one and since they cancel when I do jump to their demands, my rating is being affected.

Do bad sellers also have a group where they come up with this stuff?

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Does your custom offer not mention the time anticipated for delivery?

Considering @rumakhatun572 and @imran9652 have basically written the same piece of spam I’d say it seems that they do.

I’m not sure what it’s like in your field but I’ve found that increasing my prices helped keep bad buyers away. In fact I think I raised my prices each time I had a bad experience and it always seemed to work.

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It’s in there and we agree on it before I send the offer. That’s the strange part.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll look into doing that.

It’s probably because of what you say on your gig…

Due to aggressive scam buyers’ actions, I’ve been forced to raise prices to try to weed them out. Please contact me for induvial project pricing as I’m happy to work with honest buyers within their budgets.

It’s an open invitation for the kind of scammers you’re dealing with! You’re handing them the ropes. You’re telling them the baby steps to scam you. I’ll suggest – remove that part, stand with your prices, and over-deliver (duh!).

P.S. I’m sorry if you added that part after the suggestion from @kometbeats

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