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New Trick To Restrict Any Fiverr Seller Account

An Open Letter To Fiverr:

Hello Fiverr,

Let me start with what fiverr claims to be: "Your safety is our top priority. Secure transactions and our safety team protect you at all times."

I was a Level 2 seller till yesterday :frowning: Worked very hard to be a level 2 seller and it was my only source to earn money.

On 21st August 2015 I received 2 orders from 2 different accounts to make business cards.

The total cost of project was 750$ and I had to make 100 Business Cards in total for both of them.

I had completed the order on 23rd Night that means I have delivered 100 Business Cards to my customers which included: PSD files, 5 Mockup Image for each business card, And JPG file

I have delivered all this to my customer on 23rd they were really happy and after few hours they marked my order as completed and also gave me 5 star ratings.

I was very happy and went to sleep after reading there reviews :slight_smile: But the next morning everything changed.

My account was restricted, My Level 2 badge was taken back I immediately contacted Fiverr Support team and they told me due to some fraudential activities we have restricted your account and you cannot work on fiverr.

And I checked my mail and there was mail that orders are canceled by Fiverr Team. Yes the 750$ order that I got was cancelled.

On further investigating I came to know that both my customer opened dispute and claim that the card was used by someone’s else to purchase my gig and they had done the fraud.

So as per fiverr - The buyer uses someones else credit/debit card to purchase and once they receive the order or whatever they want so they open a dispute claiming that it was illegal transactions.

And the funny part is that Fiverr instead of restricting there account they have deleted my account. Saying that the activity was done on my account so How the hell I will know that the buyer is a fraud. You people dont give as a option to reject the orders.

I am not the 1st person who has suffered this there are many but I thought I should write about this and let everyone know about this SCAM

They have got 750$ back as well as 100 business cards for free.

I have messaged fiverr support team but now I am not even getting reply from them.



I know nobody will even comment on my post because even they are afraid of Fiverr that might take action against this.

But please speak up now because even we are paying 20% of our earning to them.

Today its me and Tommorow it might be you

So please let this message reach the top officials of Fiverr as soon as possible so they can help the sellers suffering from this

I remember your post about the business cards (I guess it was you, even though you talked about 40 cards and $200). Some users told you that it was something highly suspicious. Who is going to spend $200 in a first order, when you didn’t have any reviews, but a scammer? Now you say it was not $200; it was $750. It’s clear that it had to be a scam.

When a scammer pays with a stolen credit card, Fiverr doesn’t get the money, so you don’t get it either. The same thing would had happen if you were doing business offline or in another site.

Additionally, they’ve closed your account. That could be unfair, but you aren’t loosing anything: you didn’t have any reviews or made any real sales. So you can start over again, and please, be careful accepting any order that seems too good to be true.

I am sorry, that really stinks! I hope you will get an answer soon. Support might be drowning in tickets right now, I had to wait 4 days to get a reply, usually it was quicker. Just be patient :wink:

Can you please explain this more - you said:

“On 21st August 2015 I received 2 orders from 2 different accounts to make business cards.
The total cost of project was 750$ and I had to make 100 Business Cards in total for both of them.”

So does that mean you received 2 completely separate orders from two different buyers? Why are you saying the total cost of the “project” was $750. Do you mean each buyer placed a $750 order for 100 business cards? That’s a hell of a lot of money for 100 business cards, even with design.

Then you go on to say this -

“I had completed the order on 23rd Night that means I have delivered 100 Business Cards to my customers which included: PSD files, 5 Mockup Image for each business card, And JPG file”

So are you saying that you delivered 5 mockup images and 100 business cards to each of the different buyers? So that means you made a total of 10 mockups, 5 for each buyer and 200 cards, 100 for each buyer?

What do you mean they got 100 business cards? Did you mail them 100 business cards?
I can get a thousand cards for about $20.

Reply to @toutou123: Even I was thinking the same way like you are.

But then just because of 2 customers my account got restrcited.

Imagine I created an account on fiverr and I give you a project of 750$ once you have completed the order I will mark it as completely and after few hours I will open a dispute on paypal that this was illeagal transaction so I want a refund.

Paypal will contact fiverr as the transaction was done on fiverr. Fiverr gives refund to buyers paypal account.

And now the funny part of fiverr’s logic: They close sellers account.

I didnt understand what was the sellers mistake here??

Even I was a level 2 seller

Reply to @az_designer94: You should be aware that Fiverr staff rarely reads the majority of forum categories since the forums are intended for buyers and sellers to have discussions. The forums aren’t a substitute for Customer Support and while other buyers and sellers will see your post, this isn’t the place to air grievances intended for Fiverr staff. They DO read Customer Support tickets although if you create multiple tickets or otherwise harass the reps, it’s possible they won’t get read anymore.

Fiverr has it’s problems, but I’ve never heard of them closing a seller account unless it was temporary for investigation or due to something the seller did. My suggestion to you would be to wait for their response through the proper channels, although you can vent here in the Ranting Pot in the meantime.

Reply to @fonthaunt: In next few hours it will be around 2 days since they have not replied to my message. I have created just one ticket and is waiting for reply :frowning:

If they are taking 48 hours and more to reply to LEVEL 2 Seller

They claim to give priority support to level 2 seller so this is there priority??

Reply to @az_designer94: Actually, yes. 48 hours isn’t that unusual. By the way, duplicating posts is against the forum Do’s and Dont’s so please stop doing that. There is a lot of leeway in the forums for you to air your thoughts but if you break the guidelines repeatedly, you could lose that leeway. You clearly have things you want people to know, so it would be a good idea to keep this line of communication possible so you can do that.

Reply to @belengarcia: No I have not posted to forum before…

This is my 1st post and I had completed around 489 orders in last 7 months

So I am loosing everything. If they are not giving me the money atleast they can give my account back :frowning:

To work again from zero is not possible for me

Reply to @az_designer94:
Then I don’t understand anything.
How come someone with a name almost like yours (az_designer12) posted this?

It has to be related in some way. Their account has also been deleted.

Reply to @belengarcia: There are so many accounts with same username with only numbers changing

Reply to @az_designer94: To have one with az_designer12 is so close to an exact match, that isn’t actually so common. To have that other account also offer business cards and recently get a large offer is even more unique. I imagine @belengarcia has hit the nail on the head. Even if it turns out to be a strange coincidence, those similarities are probably what got the attention of the Fiverr Editors.

Reply to @az_designer12 :
Lately Fiverr is receiving lots of tickets and the waiting time is longer than usual. I’m quite sure you’ll be able to get a reasonable explanation, if not resolution, to the restriction of your account after Fiverr investigates. This will probably escalate to PayPal as it involves serious fraud.

As long as you’re not doing anything against the TOS (like multiple accounts, use stolen cards as ways to place orders in your own account, fake reviews…), you’ll still have a chance to reclaim your account.

Reply to @misscrystal: yes, I know that is what I am wondering also.

Reply to @sincere18: Sounds peculiar indeed. All of it.

Reply to @misscrystal: yes, I wonder if seller was sending physical cards at what point did they exchange addresses or something like that.

really sad to hear that

I must advise you not to get angry and instead focus on getting your $750 back from Fiverr in spite of the fraudulent PayPal dispute. That’s a hell of a lot of work to do and I don’t blame you for being mad, but Customer Support is your best friend right now–don’t take your aggravation out on them. (it is the weekend so they might be a bit slower than usual to respond–but DO NOT GET ANGRY WITH THEM)

Everybody else: remember what I said about a union? You can be sad to hear this experience, or you can do something powerful as a community about it. Or are we just going to sit around arguing about TRS v Newbies?

Guk. You get the world you fight for, I guess.