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New UI - Seller and buyer "modes"

Good morning everyone! :slight_smile:

Today, I woke up to this new UI on Fiverr. Have you all got it?

What’s new? Selling and buying are now totally separated, with a different menu and looks. In “seller mode” your main page is now Dashboard, while “buyer mode” is the same as before, just without any selling options. You can easily switch between both modes.

I am not sure yet, but I think I might like it. :stuck_out_tongue: In general, it doesn’t make a big difference on my workflow, so it’s not that important. It’s nice, but I would prefer if the team would put their efforts into fixing some other issues instead.


Hm, I had that look for quite a few months now

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It has been out for a while now. You get used to switching between Buying and Selling.

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Where can I found the buyer request?

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That is the most frequently asked question.

If you Switch to Selling at the top of the Fiverr main page and then More you will find Buyer Requests in the drop down menu.

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It’s good but i see a big flaw that is … Message are the most frequent mode which we keep on checking as buyer as seller. Atleast that should be with the ‘Switch Buying/Selling’.

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I cant see it

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Have you Switched to Selling at the top of the Fiverr main page?

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Uh, ■■■■, I must have missed previous topics about the change. Sorry. :slight_smile: Well, I got it now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have the option to change, my default is seller .
I’m on safari iOS browser

If you go to your browser settings on the right hand side and reduce the “zoom” you should be able to see it.

This works for other browsers and may work for you.


Ya’ll know I LOVE Fiverr. It has changed my life and it’s scary to think where I would be without it. However, I thought this would be a good forum for some friendly, unsolicited thoughts on this navigation UI change. I’ve got too many years into this to adjust my muscle memory now! High-volume sellers have a very specific way of checking orders and responding to inquiries. This new layout has proven to be wildly inefficient for me, personally. Adding time onto my rote processes diminishes my margins even more.

First of all, the “Messages” link is an unnecessary added step. I only care about what’s in my inbox. Notifications about feedback left and whether or not a buyer is new to Fiverr are quite secondary. Again, it’s a matter of using every minute of my time wisely.

Secondly, the left alignment of the menu is weird. Maybe this is a new design trend that will be the norm in 5 years but, right now, it throws me off. Stick that puppy back on the right.

I don’t speak for all sellers, but the “Gigs” link is wasting valuable space in the primary nav. I don’t need to look at my gigs that often. I need Orders, Inbox, Earnings. Also, the Dashboard link is kinda redundant. There is no valuable information in the seller’s Dashboard. In fact, I’ve never even clicked on it until today. It’s like a way less helpful Analytics page.

I don’t think I’ve ever converted a Buyer Request submission in my life so I don’t really mind that it’s hidden in a dropdown. Competing with hundreds of other sellers for a $4 order seems like a poor use of time. Reminds me of people trying to catch a bouquet at a 300-person wedding. Buyers have all the tools they need to do their own research in the marketplace before choosing a gig.

While we’re on the subject, holding feedback ratings on orders hostage until a seller reviews the buyer is strange to me. This has a level of sketchiness to it that has put Yelp on the brink of bankruptcy. More importantly, why are we reviewing buyers in the first place??? It’s not like sellers can pick and choose who purchases their gig. When that order comes through, we’re working with them - for better or worse. There are plenty of penalties for being a poorly-reviewed seller but it seems poorly-reviewed buyers continue to skate throughout the site without limitations.


The gigs button is there so you can see the stats on your gigs.

I agree about having to review buyers. There is no reason for it as you say, since we have to complete orders whether the buyer has bad reviews or not. And I don’t use the Dashboard for anything. I’m constantly switching from buyer to seller as I’m a seller 99% of the time.

I do use the notifications button at times.

My main problem is with how when I’m chatting or sending messages, I can’t see the message I just sent. Instead it disappears when I send it. I only see what the other person sent. I’m used to it now but it’s still a lot of clicking on things that shouldn’t need clicking.

I have to agree. :slight_smile: Dashboard is #1 thing that I really never use. I would like inbox and notifications separated.

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Yes that’s a good idea. As, don’t know if anyone of you have experienced it. Fiverr inbox and notifications is laggy now. You don’t really get instant notification updating the mailbox view. Means, if you are in conversation with a buyer and there are back and forth messaging going on. You always have to refresh to view his message. If, that conversation is long it’s such a pain to scroll down to view latest.

I would say there should be a control for buyer/seller to have such filters in a convesation : Sort Newest | Oldest | Unread | Starred

What do you think?

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Thanks. great. You are right.

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Same issue with me… I can’t find the buyers requests page anymore, and yes I have switched to selling… Please help!